COP26 Event: Save the Ocean to Save the Climate – Blue Carbon Breakfast Briefing (Video)


When? This event took place from 0800-0900 (UK Time), Tuesday 9th November

Where: Ottoman Coffee house, 73 Berkeley St, Glasgow, UK 

COP26 is a vital point in the response to the global climate emergency. One of the biggest carbon stores is our seas, yet it is not included in nations’ climate change plans, and emissions or sequestration from it are not yet counted in the UK, the EU, or any nation’s annual emissions statistics. This briefing aims to provide an introduction to the role our seas play in addressing the climate crisis and what more should be done to manage activities taking place in them.

Join our Blue Carbon Breakfast Briefing with:

  • Dr Rashid Sumaila, Professor and Director of the Fisheries Economics Research Unit at the University of British Columbia Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries
  • Dr Emma Cavan, Research Fellow, Imperial College London
  • Claudia Beamish, former Member of Scottish Parliament and Special Advisor to the Scottish Labour Group on COP26
  • Mike Walker, Our Fish 

Moderated by Phil Rhodri Taylor, Open Seas

More reading:
Fish and the Ocean Play A Crucial Role In Regulating Our Climate and Should Not Be Consigned to COP26 Sidelines – by Emma Cavan, Erica Ferrer and Rashid Sumaila

Press release: COP26: Not a Moment to Waste: Ocean Climate Action Needs to be Counted Now


Organised by Our Fish and Open Seas