UNFCCC- UN Climate Change: Plenty of Fish? by Rebecca Hubbard


UNFCCC: Plenty of fish by Bec Hubbard

Published on the UN Climate Change website (UNFCCC) during the Bonn Climate Change Conference (Friday 10 June 2022), featuring Our Fish Programme Rebecca Hubbard:

Overfishing – when more fish are caught than can be replaced through natural reproduction – is one of the biggest issues marine ecosystems face today. This can happen either directly, or indirectly through bycatch – the capture of unwanted sea life while fishing for a different species.

Our Fish works to end overfishing and restore a healthy ocean ecosystem and is calling for an end to overfishing as a critical and significant action to address the biodiversity and climate crisis.

“Our seas have been heavily overfished and the ecosystems degraded over many decades,” says Rebecca Hubbard, Our Fish’s Program Director, who highlights the fact that European seas are the most heavily trawled in the world. “In Europe, more than 40 per cent of fish populations are still overfished in the Northeast Atlantic, while around 90 per cent are overfished in the Mediterranean.”

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