Our Ocean Oslo: Aperitivo Hour with Dr Rashid Sumaila on overfishing, ocean health and climate action


Ending Overfishing is Climate Action!

The recent IPCC Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere gave stark warnings for the ocean and made clear the need for immediate and significant action on climate change. Ending greenhouse gas emissions is the clear priority.

However, there is an ocean of solutions. And Rashid Sumaila has one of them. What is putting the ocean under as much, or even more, pressure than climate change? What could we end in a fraction of the time it will take for emissions to abate? “You know what it is … overfishing”.

Ending overfishing, especially in the EU, is a pre-existing commitment. In 2013 the EU agreed to end overfishing by 2020, and all the indications are that it will lead to an increase in fish stocks and the viability of the sector. A no-brainer.

Join Professor Sumaila presenting, not rapping, his latest paper on how ending overfishing could improve ocean health in the face of climate change:

17.00-18.00, Tuesday October 22
Amerikalinjen, Pier42 bar
Jernbanetorget 2


Please register your interest in attending to admin@our.fish by Sunday 20 October

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