Intrafish: Germany accused of overfishing Baltic cod in damning report


From Intrafish:

New document claims Germany is delaying any benefits that would come from ‘regaining healthy stocks.’

August 29th, 2017 06:08 GMT Updated August 29th, 2017 08:06 GMT

A new report by researchers from environmental organization Our Fish and the New Economics Foundation released Tuesday accuses Germany of overfishing in the Baltic Sea, and ignoring advice to reduce fishing pressure.

“The German government has repeatedly supported overfishing of western Baltic cod, leading the public to believe that this is because of ‘socio-economics,’” said Rebecca Hubbard, co-author of the Germany’s “Blind Spot for Sustainable Fisheries” report.

“However the figures tell a different story — not only would following scientific advice for fishing quotas bring higher economic returns sooner, but the current allocation of quotas benefits destructive trawlers that have the biggest environmental impact and the smallest contribution to jobs,” said Hubbard.

In addition, the report suggests large-scale fishing is damaging to artisanal fishing, which has a lower impact on the environment, and helps communities.

German officials will be meeting with EU Baltic States representatives in Copenhagen this week to discuss their position on Baltic fishing quotas for 2018.

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