Atlas of the Future: Fishyleaks website exposes fishy business



Via Atlas of the Future:

The excellently-named Fishyleaks has been created by the Our Fish campaign to end “rampant” overfishing and illegal, unreported fishing activity in EU waters.

Our Fish believes that Europe’s fisheries are a common resource, for the benefit of all citizens, that should be managed sustainably and legally to ensure the future of coastal communities, food security and ocean health in the face of the climate crisis. The Fishyleaks platform is for people who witness activity that undermines these important aspirations, so that they can share that information, while minimising risk to themselves.

“The positive reception that Fishyleaks has received so far has been impressive. It seems clear that people in the marine science sector and within the policy field – both EU and national – think that the creation of Fishyleaks is a good thing. Now we need to wait and see what reports arrive”.

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