Origami Fish: Save the Ocean. Save the Climate


Origami Fish

We love fish.

Sure, they aren’t cute like cats or dogs, but out of sight, fish are helping to save the world. The ocean is our biggest protector against climate change, having absorbed over 90% of human made heat in the last 50 years, and fish play a critical role in keeping ocean ecosystems healthy.

We think these unsung heroes deserve a little love. If you agree, why not make some fish origami using the instructions below? All you need to get started is a square piece of paper.

Step 1

1. Fold the paper in half both ways, then unfold it


Step 2

2. Fold the left and right sides in to the centre

Step 3

3. Fold the top and bottom edges to the centre, then unfold just these two

Step 4

4. Grab the centre points on the left and right and pull them out to the side.

Step 5

5. Press the bottom fold into the centre

Step 6

6. Repeat this for the top section

Step 7

7. Fold the left points out as shown

Step 8

8. Fold the corner with the blue dot up to the pink dot

Step 9

9. Fold the right flap down from the centre

Step 10

10. Fold the corner with the blue dot down to the pink dot

Step 11

11. Fold the flat up from the centre

Step 12

12. Fold the top and bottom corners to the right as shown

Step 13

13. Your folded fish should look like this

Step 14

14. Turn it around

Step 15

15. Optional: cut a little mouth in the front

Step 16

16. Optional: decorate your fish!

17. Optional: take a picture of your fish and put it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #EndOverfishing

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