Webinar: Mobilising Ocean Climate Action


On Monday, September 27, 2021, we brought together a fascinating panel in this online discussion as they answer your questions on the science of our ocean, why its health is key to our climate, and how we can drive political action to stop overfishing before it’s too late. Watch the video to learn more (above).

Presented by Our Fish, Klimaat Actie Netwerk Maastricht and Maastricht University.

The expert panel:

  • Dr Alex Rogers, Science Director at REV Ocean & Professor at Oxford University
  • Friederike Leppert, Climate Activist, KAN Maastricht
  • Dr Francesca Colli, Assistant Professor of European Politics, Maastricht University
  • Ms Veronica Manfredi, Director of Directorate C, Quality of Life of the Directorate General of Environment, European Commission