Join Us: Mysterious Pyramid Puzzle at the European Parliament


Build Climate Action Through Better Fisheries Management

What: Mysterious Pyramid Puzzle Appears outside the European Parliament

Really? Yes, really. We will have a large puzzle outside the European Parliament for MEPs and other passersby to figure out – and to help grow understanding of the crucial role of fish and the ocean in protecting our climate.

Why? Because COP27 will have just kicked off in Egypt and the EU needs to grasp that good fisheries management is good carbon management  – and that is climate action. Fish, like whales and plankton, are keystones of the ocean’s biological pump, the system constantly at work capturing and storing excess carbon from Earth’s atmosphere.

Who? Members of the European Parliament, The Our Fish campaign and friends. All are welcome!

When: 11-13:00 Tuesday 8th November

Where: In front of the Station Europe building, near the European Parliament

Will there be cake? Yes there will be baklava and dates, coffee and mint tea! Like in Egypt! 

How can I learn more?

Healthy fish populations are a vital component of a healthy marine system. They help power the ocean’s biological pump that captures and stores carbon. 

We need to conserve that system and the natural carbon engineers – like fish – that make it possible. 

Good fisheries management does that: it stops us taking too many fish out of the ocean; it means enforcing the rules that exist thoroughly; and banning practices which damage the whole system. That’s why tackling overfishing is a practical climate solution.

Regardless of what happens at COP27, the EU has the means and the power to take action on climate change by putting its fisheries on a pathway to becoming low-impact and low-carbon. This must include a clear requirement for Ecosystem & Climate Impact Assessments of fishing activities: good fisheries management is good carbon management.

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