Our Fish at AGRIFISH in Luxembourg

The Our Fish team is in Luxembourg for the EU AGRIFISH conference, where fisheries ministers will decide 2018 Baltic cod quotas

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Our Fish in Malta

The Our Fish team is in Malta for the Our Ocean conference, in our quest to stop overfishing in the Mediterranean.

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Europe's Fish, Our Fish

Fish know no borders

The fish that swim Europe’s waters are a common resource – to be shared amongst us all, not for over exploitation or fast profit for a few. But this shared resource is under threat

EU: Not Swimming Together

EU governments are failing to enforce the laws that they created: the reformed Common Fisheries Policy.

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Our Fish

Let’s Swim in the Right Direction

There’s a way to solve this problem – EU member states must deliver on their commitment to protect the future of Europe’s fisheries, its fishers and food security, by enforcing the rules.

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